About Us

Board of Director’s and Members meet the first Thursday of the month in the west shotgun pavilion.

Flat River Conservation Club, is a member operated club whose purpose is to promote responsible firearms use and ownership and to establish and maintain sport shooting programs and ranges and to promote and advance the cause of conservation of our natural resources, that is the mineral, water, soil, air, forest, fish, game and wildlife resources for the benefit of present and future generations. Memberships are available to those persons who support the above purposes and are over the age of eighteen.

Member’s only facilities include outdoor ranges of 7½, 25 and 50-100-200-300 yards. Steel plate range for handgun calibers only NO MAGNUM LOADS. Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, Skeet, Trap and Wobble Trap and an indoor pistol range operated in the winter are available to members and open to the public.

Hall Rental – CCW Classes – Hunter Safety – First Steps, Pistol – Group Outings on Shotgun Range are available to non-members.

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  1. Rylie Nummela

    Looking for membership information

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