Indoor League 22 pistol

.22 pistol League practice begins on the first Monday in December 2021 at 7:00 PM.

Shooting practice will begins on the first and every Monday in December. Scoring to begin first Monday in January at 7:00 PM. The fee will be $5.00  for pistol for each days shoot.

This league is open to the public.

There will be 10 weeks of scoring. Scoring will be three targets pistol free hand. All shooting will be at 50 feet. Optics allowed.

There will be assistance for any new shooters. (All you can do is get better)

There will be a .22 rifle or pistol and rifle open shoot to the public Wednesday At 5 PM

There will also be a .22 open shoot on Tuesday Mornings beginning December 8th at 9 AM

Beginning January you may also use your scores for the Monday league if you shoot Tuesday or Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Indoor League 22 pistol

  1. Randy Slocum

    How many bullets are required for the scoring each week?
    Also what is the age requirements?
    Thank you.

  2. deficit1

    Age requirement is 12 with the parent standing next to them. They shoot 4 targets of 10 shots with 3 targets counting for score.

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