SCTP – Youth Shooters

Practices are Mondays at 5:30 pm.

National Scholastic Clay Target Program Handbook PDF

Flat River Conservation Club SCTP Participant Requirements

Flat River Conservation Club is proud of our now 2-Time Scholastic Clay Target Program National Champions John Hallada, Robert Cornell and Brandon Kade as they took home 1st place at the 2014 Championships in Sparta, Illinois.

The 2013 and 2014 SCTP Intermediate Advanced Division National Champions from Flat River Conservation Club: John Hallada, Brandon Kade, and Robert Cornell

National Champions 2013

2013 SCTP Intermediate Advanced Division National Champions John Hallada, Brandon Kade and Robert Cornell

Coach Deiters with the National Champs

The National Champions with Coach Monica Deiters and former Flat River SCTP shooter Erik Deiters

Tri County Country Shooting Sports thanks FRCC for use of their facility

Tri County Country Shooting Sports thanks FRCC for use of their facility


Flat River Conservation Club is proud of our participation in the Scholastic Clay Target Program.

In 2012, Joseph (Joe) Larsen was selected to train with the USA Shooting team at the U.S.A Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.


Rules and Guidelines for SCTP Youth Shooters and Parents to follow:

Participating in the Scholastic Clay Target Program in Skeet at the Flat River Conservation Club
All school age boys and girls with the physical, mental and emotional maturity to participate in team sports are eligible for the program.

SCTP Coaches will make the final determination about eligibility. Disqualifying factors could be lack of physical strength to safely handle a firearm or the emotional maturity to understand and follow instructions.

Academic Eligibility:
Must make satisfactory academic progress and be deemed eligible by school officials of their school for participation in the schools extra-curricular activities including school sports.

The Gun
Either a 12 or 20 ga. gun capable of shooting twice without reloading and with an open choke.
This includes a pump gun, semi – automatic gun or an over & under or side x side.
An open choke is either a cylinder or skeet choke, the gun can have either a fixed chokes or changeable choke tubes.

Target loads are preferable, they have less recoil. If a 12 ga. gun you will want 2 ¾ dram loads of either 1 oz. or 1 1/8 oz. shells in size 8 or 9 shot. Reloads are acceptable.

Shooting Pouch or Shooting Vest
To hold the shells and the empty casings. ( empty casings are not left on the range, they must be picked up after shooting and certain guns may be unloaded so the empty casing is in hand and can be placed in the shell pouch or vest. )

Eye and Ear Protection:
Clear and appropriately colored lens safety style glasses are available at most Sporting Goods stores that handle firearms. Foam rubber earplugs are available at the club.

Cap with a bill
Will assist in keeping broken target fragments away from the face

Gym Style or similar bag
To carry equipment, your vest or pouch, 4 boxes of shells, your glasses, a bottle of water etc.


Shirts must have sleeves. Items of clothing that expose any part of the torso are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to cutoff T-shirts, halter tops and tank tops.

Shorts may be no higher than 6 inches above the knee. Short shorts, low riding shorts or pants revealing undergarments or buttocks are prohibited.

Flip flops or open-toed shoes /sandals are not permitted

Clothing Adornments
Anything with pictures, caricatures, designs or messages, writing or other embellishments with direct or indirect references to alcohol, tobacco, sex or sexual connotations, drugs, gambling or profanities are prohibited.


Acts of using abusive or profane language or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct are not permitted, this includes but is not limited to:
-Arguing with referees or any shoot staff
-Unsafe handling / use of firearms
-Disrupting a competitor
-Consuming alcohol or using non-prescribed drugs before or during any SCTP activity are prohibited, will not be tolerated and are grounds for disqualification, suspension, and expulsion from the program.


In order to participate in the State shoot must participate in at least six (6) practices. Participants will also be expected to participate in a reasonable number of practices as determined by the SCTP Coaches.


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